Working Leaner

12 December 2016

“I have worked with Virtus since I was appointed as the client’s project manager for the construction of the Manchester Smart Motorway (MSM) scheme back in 2014. Virtus’s staff have demonstrated professionalism, quality, knowledge and enthusiasm in all aspects of their work with Highways England and have been willing to develop their capability at all opportunities. I know changing the way our industry works is not an easy task, however Virtus have truly embraced the basic concepts of a Lean system and have applied it to great effect on the smart motorway. As a Lean specialist with Highways England I get to review many companies and visit dozens of sites during the course of my work. The Lean visual management systems that Virtus have established on MSM are some of the best I’ve seen and they get a fantastic level of engagement from their staff and suppliers.

“Highways England have been undertaking Lean maturity assessments of its main suppliers since 2011, however we realised that in order to change the way that construction works we needed to assess the suppliers closer to the workforce. Virtus were one of the first SMEs to volunteer for a maturity assessment, have presented their work at national Lean events for both Highways England and the Lean Construction Institute and are really engaged in developing their Lean capability.”

Stephen Greenhalgh
Lean Practitioner Expert


“Virtus have clearly demonstrated their ambitions to deploy lean thinking at MSM and seek to deliver value for the project team and ultimately the client. One particular improvement springs to mind is the innovative idea to move Varioguard from the verge to central reserve over one night, which if successful will be a significant improvement in time and money for the project but also the wider SMP community”

Andrew Moore
Rubicon Wigzell Limited


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