Independent Site and TTM Road Safety Audits

Over the last decade, the Temporary Traffic Management Industry has made radical changes in terms of measurable quality systems and the introduction of rigid health, safety, and environmental standards. To ensure your Traffic Management Sub-Contractors meet the required standard we offer an impartial review of the TTM site by carrying out an Independent Traffic Management Audit.

The audit, which can take place during daylight or night time hours, gives a thorough review of the site extents to ensure compliance with current standards and regulations and gives you peace of mind that the Temporary Traffic Management you are being provided with meets the highest standard of safety for both the on site personnel and the travelling public.

Our Audits, which are recorded on our own bespoke Audit Review Form, highlight any non-conformance, offer a solution to rectify the issue and then allow the actions to be followed up until signed off by the sites S.H.E representative once complete, ensuring a continuous measurable improvement process.

In addition to the above Virtus can provide technical audit support for major Temporary Traffic Management schemes associated with road works in line with Standard HD19/15 Road Safety Audit.


To make use of this service please contact us, email us or call us on 01530 637 637.



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