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Maximise Quality Bid Submission opportunities with a comprehensive Temporary Traffic Management Plan

As traffic in the UK increases year on year, many projects now require a lot of thought in terms of a contractors approach to the Temporary Traffic Management Plan, and some quality submissions offer a high percentage of points for giving the client confidence that traffic flows, pedestrian movements and general traffic management site safety have been considered in detail.

In this highly competitive market why not try and stay one step ahead of the competition and maximise your point scoring opportunities by engaging Virtus Traffic Management Solutions Ltd to undertake the TTM plan for you.


As an independent TM Consultancy & Design company we offer a wide range of services which will enable you to include a robust and detailed Temporary Traffic Management Plan as part of your submission and by doing so instilling confidence in the client, stakeholders and overseeing authorities who may have an input into the selection process.

Our Quality Bid Submission Services:

  • Undertake initial consultation meeting to review Temporary Traffic Management tender documents
  • Carry out site visit on clients behalf to assess site specific TTM requirements
  • Provide TTM Options Reports and assess requirements of all TTM ad-on packages such as temporary road markings, temporary barriers, CCTV and Speed Camera works.
  • Provide site specific Traffic Management Design drawings to form part of the Quality Submission
  • All drawings can be provided in a company specific package including your company logo
  • Provide descriptive TTM methodology and phasing documents
  • Provide site specific TTM bill of quantities to allow you to obtain consistent and accurate prices from your TTM sub contractors.

We can undertake work on all manner of Temporary Traffic Management projects regardless of size, complexity, value or location within the UK.


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